Welcome to the State of Superior

Stories about life in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula





A cabin, traditionally used during hunting season and/or for family vacations, often unequipped with mod cons.


Sweet Italian sausage endemic to the U.P. (pronounced kuh-dig-ee).


The U.P.’s largest town. Population 21,000. Home of Northern Michigan University, the Yooper Dome, and Presque Isle: one of the nation’s most beautiful parks.


A Finnish word that means something close to grit or resilience.


A person who lives below the Mackinac Bridge, i.e., in Michigan’s lower peninsula.


Not really a road, but people drive on it.


A four-wheeled off-road vehicle that looks sort of like a beefy golf cart. Used for recreation and for hauling deer carcasses back to camp (related: ATV, gator, ORV).

“Who gives?”

A dismissive response.


A demonym for residents of the U.P. Everyone born in the U.P. is a Yooper, but beyond that, there’s some controversy. Liberal definitions also include people who have lived in the U.P. longer than they’ve lived anywhere else, people who’ve lived in the U.P. for a few consecutive winters, and people who move to the U.P. because they married a Yooper.



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The Terminal Orchestra provides the soundtrack for the first season. They are a mind-bending tiny orchestra from Marquette, Michigan. If you ever get a chance to see them play live, go go go! In the meantime, check out more of their music here.


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About the producers


Breesa Culver is a writer, editor, storyteller and serial club starter. She’s also a fundraising and communications utility player.

Jason Powers is an audio engineer. He’s a Yooper with an intense (like, weirdly intense) allegiance to Congress Pizzas in Ishpeming.

Jason and Breesa are BF/GF and live in Portland, Oregon.


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